Gear Pyraminx: Conception original de Timur Evbatyrov Gear Cube: Conception originale d'Oskar Van Deventer Gear Shift: Conception originale d'Oskar Van Deventer Gear Minx: Conception originale d'Oskar Ven Deventer Geary Cube: Conception originale d'Oskar Van Deventer The Introduction of Gears in Twisty Puzzles - Home - Presentation - Origins of This   Concept - Different   Functions and   Uses of   Gears - Mechanisms and   Constraints - Application   Examples - Sources /   Thanks Home FR / ENG FR / ENG 'Gear Master Skewb Octahedron' - Oskar Van Deventer < Previous Page Next Page > Home Who am I ? Name: Grégoire Pfennig Age: Born the 07/06/1994, 17 years old Places where I lived: Indianapolis (IN, USA) 1994 Erstein (France) 1994-2001 Greenville (SC, USA) 2001-2002 Guaynabo (Puerto Rico) 2002-2005 Strasbourg (France) 2005-2011 Sévenans (France) 2011-???? Studies: UTBM (Technological University of Belfort-Montbéliard) 1st semester of 1st year. Extracurricular Activities: - Aeromodelism - Twisty puzzle collection and design,   Rubik’s Cube resolution and competition   (my designs) - Design in genera Charity Events: - Two “courses contre la faim” (or “run against hunger”)   where the point is to find sponsors to pay a certain   sum per kilometer ran. - Earrings and twisty puzzles of my design sold for the association PontoLinkForLife - Active member in PontoLinkForLife